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Suggested Interview Questions

  1. Story. If you can, tell a true story about your job.

  2. Basic information. This section contains the sort of info you might see in an ad trying to fill your job.

    • job description (name of your job, plus a little about what you do) typical pay for someone with your experience
    • years at this job or similar jobs hours
    • location company size (if it matters)
    • job-specific basic information other basic info you think is important
  3. How you got the job. This section is meant to help people who want a job like yours -- how do they go about getting one?

    • education relevant to getting the job --such as what you studied in college
    • experience relevant to getting the job --internships, volunteer work
    • --previous jobs connections that helped you get the job
    • --family, friends, whatever the application/hiring process
    • --how you learned about the job opening --what the job application process was like
    • --any negotiation tips for job seekers
    • --what to do if you want this job --what not to do (common mistakes)
  4. Daily life. This section is meant to convey what your job is like, what you do and what happens, in detail.

    • what an average or recent day iswas like
    • what an average or recent week iswas like
    • typical interactions with --boss
    • --co-workers --subordinates,
    • --customers, clients typical problems
  5. Emotional side, ups & downs. This section is meant to convey the important non-monetary aspects of your job, good and bad.

    • what you like/love about your job
    • best thing about it if you are passionate about your job, why?
    • what you don't like about your job
    • worst thing about it would your job be much better/much worse if you did the same thing somewhere else?
    • what people outside the profession don't know about your job what is it that nobody tells you about your job
    • surprising aspects of your job biggest disappointments
    • is it fulfilling?
  6. Who fits this job? What sort of person will like this job? What sort of person will dislike it? What sort of person will do well? What sort of person will do poorly? How well do you fit this job?

  7. Reflections/wisdom/advice. This section is meant to allow you to convey whatever wisdom you've accumulated about your job.

    • advice to someone thinking of going into this line of work what do you wish you'd known about this job when you were in college or before you took it?
    • what have you slowly come to realize about your job?
    • Is there any Role Models we shall Follow to achieve this job ?

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