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Transcription Conventions

  1. The two speakers should be called INTERVIEWER and a brief name for the job, all caps: LAWYER, SMALL BUSINESS, STORE CLERK. There should be two (2) spaces (and nothing else) between the speaker name and the beginning of what is said.

    For example:


  2. Put timing information -- where you are in the audio file -- in brackets at roughly page-long intervals. The first one is like this:

    Interviewed July 27, 2007 by Your Name


    INTERVIEWER Blah, blah, blah.

    After that they should look like this:

    INTERVIEWER dot, dot, dot.


    ARCHITECT Blah, blah, blah.

  3. Use a blank line to separate speakers.

  4. The transcript should not be exact. Change what is said to make it easy to read without changing the meaning. Usually this will mean leaving stuff out. Leave out uhs and ums. Leave out pauses unless they affect the meaning. Leave out laughter. Fix the grammar. Leave out the following phrases and similar phrases unless doing so would change the meaning:

    you know and so [replace with "and"] And [at the beginning of a sentence] Well [at the beginning of a sentence]

    Leave out repetitions. For example,

    could you give, tell me a brief description of your job

    should be:

    could you tell me a brief description of your job

  5. If something is puzzling or incomprehensible, put your question in brackets and all caps. For example: [WORD UNCLEAR].

  6. Check the spelling.

  7. The font should be thd efault; the size should be 10 pt.

  8. The files should begin with a heading that is the file name (e.g., "Office Manager Interview"). The top line should be in Header 3 (standard) style. On the next line should be the interview date using this format: Interviewed month day, year by Your Name. E.g.,

    Interviewed July 7, 2007 by Peter Stasson

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